Home is Puerto Rico was established to serve as a bridge between the local community and those who have chosen the Island to make it their home or start their business. Is a community of individuals, professionals, and businesspeople where they can meet, connect, learn, and are willing to create, with other like-minded people, the place they call home a better place.

Whether you were born here, are a returning Puerto Rican, or have just arrived, we want you to feel you are at Home. Our focus is to:

Ø  Promote understanding through education by guiding and helping newcomers navigate the cultural differences when living and doing business in PR.

Ø  Encourage tolerance, respect, kindness, learn and embrace diversity and effectively communicate how there are more things that unite people than separate them.

Ø  Encourage collaboration and serve as a liaison between the different communities: the government, private sector, academia, professional associations, and other NGOs, through a variety of events where assistants can find synergies. 

Ø  Inspire people to discover the wonderful places and rich history of belonging to this great place and share the love of being part of this Island through adventures and experiences.

Ø  Create services and products tailored made for the community.

Ø  Serve as a voice to influence those issues that affect our community.